Women Chefs & Restauranteurs 21st Annual Conference

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For ​the ​first ​time ​in ​the ​history ​of ​Women ​Chefs ​and ​Restaurateurs, ​the ​annual ​conference ​visits ​the ​vital ​Midwest, ​home ​of ​historical ​and ​contemporary ​trends ​in ​the ​restaurant ​world ​and ​corporate ​food ​production ​industry. ​Chicago ​became ​home ​to ​many ​large ​food ​manufacturers ​because ​of ​its ​central ​location ​in ​our ​country, ​making ​it ​an ​easy ​place ​to ​conduct ​nationwide ​business. ​Today, ​Chicago ​holds ​center ​court ​in ​many ​domains ​in ​the ​food ​arena, ​and ​we ​can’t ​wait ​to ​go ​on ​this ​adventure ​with ​you ​during ​the ​WCR ​conference. This ​21st ​Annual ​conference ​will ​explore ​green ​topics ​— ​both ​environmental ​and ​financial ​— ​relevant ​to ​women ​in ​all ​aspects ​of ​the ​culinary ​industry. ​Tours, ​speakers ​and ​panels ​will ​all ​focus ​on ​the ​newest ​innovations ​in ​Keeping ​It ​Green ​and ​how ​to ​make ​those ​decisions ​financially ​sound. ​There ​are ​many ​additional ​costs ​that ​can ​be ​added ​to ​a ​business ​when ​green ​practices ​are ​implemented ​and ​our ​conference ​will ​delve ​into ​these ​issues. ​When ​we ​speak ​of ​“green” ​in ​foodservice ​and ​hospitality, ​we ​often ​think ​of ​simply ​“sustainable.” ​ ​But ​“green” ​also ​refers ​to ​an ​abundance ​of ​monetary ​issues ​that ​must ​be ​taken ​into ​consideration ​to ​create ​a ​profitable ​business. ​This ​conference ​will ​explore ​both ​environmental ​and ​financial ​topics ​with ​tours, ​classes, ​speakers, ​panels ​and ​hands-on ​experiences. Located in the heart of the exciting Magnificent Mile, WCR’s conference will be held on Michigan Avenue at the InterContinental Hotel, 505 N Michigan Ave. The  hotel has recently undergone a complete environmental makeover, making it not only a convenient location for exploring the city, but also fitting for the 2014 theme. Registration prices range from $75 to $795, depending on the level of participation.
Featured Presenters
  • Deann Bayless
  • Rick Bayless
  • Dara Bunjon
  • Kristy Del Coro
  • Rohini Dey
  • Judith Dunbar Hines
  • Elizabeth Falkner
  • Gale Gand
  • Rita Gutekanst
  • Rochelle Huppin
  • Beverly Kim
  • Vince Lupo
  • Barbara Lynch
  • Ellen Malloy
  • Katrina Markoff
  • Lisa Necrason
  • Nell Newman
  • Ina Pinkney
  • Anupy Singla
  • Jeffrey Spear
  • Sarah Stegner
  • Kari Underly
  • Paul Virant
  • Jillian Vose
  • Karen Weigert

Featured Chefs

  • Malika Ameen
  • Lisa Bonjour
  • Christine Cikowski
  • Jennifer Cox
  • Dana Cree
  • Hedy Goldsmith
  • Stephanie Izzard
  • Sarah Grueneberg
  • Rebecca LaMalfa
  • Carrie Nahabedian
  • Nicole Pederson
  • Ileana Regan
  • Toni Roberts
  • Amanda Rockman
  • Mindy Segal
  • Kristine Subido
  • Christina Tosi

Culinary Tours – March 9

  • Spirits and Suds
  • Food and Wine in the Fox River Valley
  • Zoom In: A Lesson in Food Photography
  • Candied Chicago Walking Tour
  • American Lamb: Nose-to-Tail Butchery

Culinary Tours – March 12

  • Eataly Behind the Scenes
  • Fermentation: Ancient Techniques in a Modern World
  • Produce, Plants and Aquaponics
  • Sweet Home Chicago: A Chocolate Tour

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