Video Tour with Tina Culver Live in the Gold Coast

If you live in Chicago, you’ll love this YouTube video recently made, featuring the Gold Coast and Sergio and Banks’ Agent Tina Culver. Tina gives us a VIP mini-tour of the Gold Coast via a short drive around the neighborhood, seeing the every-day Gold Coast sights. From shopping to transportation, she shows the face of the Gold Coast, shimmering and inviting. The tour covers all the essentials so that you’ll know how to travel, what food to try and where to spend a day off in the exciting Gold Coast near your Chicago home.

In short, this video is a nice taste of what the Gold Coast has to offer. Whether you are into designer clothing and shoes, jewelry and boutique shopping, the restaurant scene including fine dining to more reasonable every-day fare, or the eco-conscious farmers market, the Gold Coast is bustling with what you crave. Perhaps you would choose to have breakfast at the Old Pancake House, then to shop around a little for whatever you desire, having lunch at the restaurant atop the John Hancock with fabulous views of the entire city? You may also enjoy footage of the Lake with its outdoor activities such as running, biking, volleyball, etc., or the intriguing architecture, and fantastic hotels up the street. Whatever it is you fill your afternoon and evening with, you can be sure to agree with Tina Culver, that the Gold Coast is a very desirable area. Click here to see the video.

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