Video: New 3 and 4-bedrooms a block from Roscoe Village at killer prices

With their extremely detailed single-family homes and condos selling almost as quickly as they’re completed, Noah Properties may be the hottest-selling developer on Chicago’s North Side.

Noah is currently building three 6-flat condos with 3- and 4-bedroom, 2-bath units that include garage parking at 2431 W Belmont Ave, just a block from the popular Roscoe Village neighborhood.

Noah sold similar condos two blocks away on Belmont in the $390s less than two years ago. These new units start at $259,900, parking included, for a 1,500 square foot 3-bedroom, 2-bath single-floor home. A late May and early June delivery is expected for the units.

With very strong demand expected for these units, Beata Gaska and Sam Banks of Sergio & Banks give an on-site preview of the development.

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