Urban Balcony Garden Ideas

There’s a lot of buzz about curb appeal and we are taking this from the streets and onto the balconies. Enhance your outdoor eye candy and improve your view with these simple tips. Before making any major changes or investing in balcony-beautification projects, check the policies in your building and make sure the sunlight and environment concerns for each plant and item are addressed. You’ll want to choose weather-appropriate materials and allow for water-drainage in your potted plants. With a little investment and a little effort you can turn your balcony into a penthouse patio and expand your living space into the great outdoors.

Measure your balcony and determine your design space

First, evaluate your balcony. Take note of the size of your balcony floor and the height of your balcony wall or fencing. Now you can plan your balcony-scape. Plot out where you wish to add your plants and what type of environment you wish to create. For example you can create privacy by lining up a row of potted trees or growing a “screen” of ivy, however this may also block the light from shining into the balcony or windows. Potted trees such as Ficus or Lemon trees are ideal for wide balconies, however make sure the fruit doesn’t fall onto the street as it could cause accidents.

If your balcony is shallow or small, you can save on floor space by creating a hanging garden. There are a variety of easy to grow plants that thrive in planters hung from the ceiling, some of these include ferns, a multitude of flowers, most herbs, strawberries, and even upside-down tomatoes.

As you are plotting make sure to keep things such as symmetry and sunlight in mind, and make sure you can stay on top of the maintenance needed for the type of plants you choose. Choosing the types of plants you wish to include in your balcony oasis can be overwhelming as there are so many options out there. Below are a few options for you to consider.

Grow your own salads

The “salad garden” is a pretty and practical way to liven up your outdoor space. Figure out what you like in your salads and then plant them, choose your favorite lettuces, herbs, and veggies and enjoy the fruits of your labor with a healthy organic salad. This is a versatile type of garden because you can grow these plants in various design methods including individual planters, built-in flower beds, and hanging gardens.

Windowsill gardening is one of the easiest ways to spruce up curb appeal and the same thing can be used to create a balcony oasis. Windows facing the balcony are prime real estate for these types of in-the-bin gardens. Some buildings will allow you to hang your windowsill planter over the balcony fence instead, just refer back to your building’s policies.

A lot of windowsill gardens come pre-assembled with the seeds pre-planted so all you have to do is place it and water it. Butterfly gardens are becoming more and more popular around the country. These types of gardens create a colorful utopia of flowers that are designed to attract butterflies. Many urban homes are bringing nature to their high-rises with these gorgeous gardens. Keep in mind that some people are allergic to the pollen that these types of flowers produce, so keep that in mind before you commit.

Shrubbery and decorative plants add a great design element

If you have a “black thumb” like many people out there, you can still create a soothing and beautiful balcony. Choose easy to grow shrubs and plants and pair these with decorative elements. There are a lot of easy to grow options out there. Aloe is a medicinal plant that doesn’t require a lot of attention. There are various kinds of cacti, some even produce cute little flowers, and these are super easy to grow and maintain.

Other favorites include ferns and rosemary. You can make a “vine wall” by installing lattice up the wall of your balcony to grow ivy or fragrant honeysuckle. Take this chance to personalize your balcony, consider it a bonus room where the sky is the limit. Even tiny balconies can be perfect little coffee nooks when you add a comfy lounge chair and a table nestled under a hanging plant. Rock gardens and zen gardens can be great options if you don’t wish to tend a growing garden.

Decorative pieces like blown glass hummingbird feeders and trickling table top water fountains help to make the most out of your balcony oasis. Speaking of which, there are many options for adding storage space to your balcony so take a look at what is out there. You can find things such as benches with storage space under the seat, rolling garden carts, or even shallow storage sheds you can grow plants on top of.

Creating a balcony garden is all about being creative to make the most of the space you have and to get the biggest bang for your view. If you live in an apartment or condo in a busy city then you know all about smog and air pollution. Combat that polluted air by growing your own fresh oxygen-producing plants, and you’ll also benefit from the natural potpourri and fragrance from your flowers.

You can be sure the value added to your living space is much more than simply monetary. This is because gardening happens to be beneficial to your health, and relaxing out in the fresh air also happens to be beneficial to your health. Follow these tips to help you create the best balcony on the building.


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