Unbelievable Real Estate Stories

You can’t work with clients day-after-day, as a realtor, and not encounter some pretty amusing and crazy situations . As the saying goes, “You can’t make this stuff up!” The following is a colorful collage of unbelievable stories and real estate photos. As you read them, you may gather some do’s and don’ts to take note of as you embark on your own real estate journey. Enjoy!




A real estate agent named Jessica had clients who wanted to see a house a few years back, and when she called to set up the showing, the conversation went like this:

Listing Agent: You’re more than welcome to show that property. It’s a great house. But I have to tell you that it’s the third house back on a shared driveway, and the first house on the driveway has a tiger.

Me: …….Excuse me? I must have heard you incorrectly.

Listing Agent: No, really, they own a tiger. It’s in a big enclosure and they have all the legal permits, but you can see it from the driveway. Just thought you might like to know.

Her clients were troopers and still wanted to see the house! They passed the enclosure but the tiger was not outside. It turned out to be an interesting house, but her clients had 2 small kids plus they wanted to raise chickens, so they decided that the location probably wasn’t the best fit for them, needless to say!




An agent in Incline Village, Nevada showed a couple a townhouse that was his own listing. After spending a while at the property, they went to the agents office to discuss a possible offer. Being an attorney, the client asked the agent if there was anything else to know about the property, since the agent was acting as a dual agent and had information about the seller.

The agent said, “Well there is one thing. The owner died in the master bedroom.” “Oh, in his sleep?” they inquired. “No. His wife murdered him. But don’t worry, she is now institutionalized.” They passed on this property (and agent).


Sales agent, Claire, in Florida, happily reported she had 18 couples pass through her open house condo unit…”In addition to the 18 couples (She had the front door propped open) in waddles a beautiful Blue Heron who proceeded to walk down the hall and when he saw me, he flew into the closed glass sliders in the lanai thinking he could escape. As the stunned bird sat on the carpet by the sliders for a few seconds, I tried to open them. But instead, he flew into the kitchen and perched on top of the refrigerator. After opening all the doors, I was able to get him to fly back toward the lanai. And by waving a small area rug at him, I was finally able to propel him out the back door.”







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