Top 1-Hour Chicago Destinations for Fun

If you are a tourist who has gone to Chicago for the first time in your life, and you want to maximize your short stay, maybe only 2 days for the matter, it sure is rough as this is really a very big city. But of course, there are much specific theme areas you can go to which I could easily mention as an hour attraction, as you need minimal time to visit it and still enjoy the theme and the sights. Here are 8 good locations you can find for this one hour attraction in this city below:

1. Chicago Riverwalk – A traditional city sight. A Centennial fountain that shoots its water all across the river. A good place to relax as it has cafes in the walk where you can watch river traffic and have a good chat.

2. Alfred Caldwell Lily pool – this is actually a very quiet garden park. For those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you will be amazed to find this area which is so serene and quiet, you will think this is not Chicago. It is highlighted by limestone rocks and ponds, and of course classic benches where you can sit by and contemplate for peace.


3. Museum of contemporary art – Visual arts from 1945 to present can be found in here. A 45-minute guided tour will help you see art in many different forms and shape, and this is one of the best places to see modern art as seen through the artists eyes.

4. Aero Balloon at Navy Pier – Soaring 35 stories above Lake Michigan, the view is breathtaking and is really one of a kind. Though this attraction is of course weather dependent, you are still sure to enjoy a good view if things are really going well for the day’s weather.

5. Museum of Science and Industry –  A museum which is actually very large, but there are quick educational and entertainment hits in this one that is guaranteed to make it all worthwhile.

6. Art Institute of Chicago – One of the more recent park additions in the city since it was only built in 2009, this place still boasts of a good scene, a skyline, and of course it collections and galleries of art with different themes to match your interests.

7. Promontory point – A 70 year old park that is really scenic in itself. Home to the famous University of Chicago, this is a sure place to excite your eyes with its landscapes and scenes.

8. Chicago architecture foundation – A testament to the days of the skyscrapers. This will show you the history of how engineers and architects have devised the buildings you will see today and how it was masterminded by the bedeviled architects. A lunch time tour will get you through this one.

These places are just some of the feature attractions in Chicago. More can be seen and found, but it is all dependent on how long you can allot your stay in the Windy City will be.

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