Tips to Help Your Chicago Home Sparkle

With the holidays fast approaching, it may be time for sprucing up your Chicago home. A little bit of effort spent on some quick cleaning tips can help your Chicago home sparkle in no time! Aside from generally de-cluttering and cleaning, the steps listed below give easy fixes to issues you may have.

Before you begin, open up the windows and let the air circulate throughout the house. This will help with any mustiness that you may experience. Use candles, essential oils, or other fragrance enhanced room fresheners to add your favorite scent to your home.

Stop needless scrubbing and use a melamine sponge, instead. Anything from soap scum to marker and crayon can be removed easily with the magic eraser and a little water. A popular brand of sponge is the Magic Eraser by Mister Clean.

Use a microfiber cloth to quickly clear away any dust. Also, always vacuum after you dust, to clear away any particles that may have settled. Cleaning your furnace filter will reduce the amount of dust in your home.

If you have a shower liner, add it to your laundry load. Just make sure you allow it to air dry rather than dry in the dryer.

Clean out the refrigerator. Many parts can be washed in the dishwasher and you your vacuum can help you catch and hard to reach crumbs. A clean refrigerator is a must to holiday entertaining, so that you can find everything easily.

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