The Lakeview & River North Home Scene

Sergio and Banks’ Realtor Melanie Giglio has the insider’s scoop when it comes to homes in Lakeview and River North. When asked about recent trends in the neighborhood, Giglio felt that, “higher end homes and sales are doing extremely well in the million dollar price point and higher.” She also reported that, “transitional style homes” such as one she is showcasing in Lakeview are in high demand.
Of this exclusive listing, Giglio shared that, “EVERYONE absolutely loves it. I have people that are not even ready to buy yet, trying to figure out how they can purchase this property,” relating that the style is a traditional style moving towards a more contemporary style and is drawing a lot of activity. “It’s awesome!”
Giglio is in the know about more than just Chicago real estate, however, as she keeps in touch with her local communities. She was eager to share the news that River North, has a new restaurant due to open towards the end of November at 500 W. Superior called BLT American Brasserie. Although she hasn’t checked it out quite yet, Giglio says word of mouth from friends in New York deem it to be incredible. You can find out more about the restaurant by clicking here or calling 312.948.8744.

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