Termites in Chicago?

Curious about termites in Chicago?

According to usinspect.com, one in fifteen Chicago homes house termites. Termites can severely damage homes and preventative treatment is recommended. While traditional tenting, is always an option, innovative solutions from bait to undetectable liquid exterior home coatings are other options.

When receiving a termite inspection, it’s important to have a written report prior to any performed service. Your home’s interior, exterior, sub-floor, and attic should be examined at a minimum. Outside structures, landscaping, fencing, and trees should be evaluated, as well.

Once you’ve received your report, obtain several quotes from professional pest control companies and compare reputations along with methodologies. Be sure to be present for the inspection so you can be aware of the company’s thoroughness and professionalism. Make sure the company you choose had professional indemnity insurance to protect you in future years and ask about warranties and annual service options. Ask to see a current pest controller license and verify the expiration date.

Following these tips should help you to keep your Chicago home safe and termite free.

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