Stone Update Ideas For Your Chicago Home

Looking to update your Chicago home? Try stone for self-expression, ease of care and a luxurious feel. With the choices from natural stone, granite, travertine, slate, limestone, to various finished surfaces, decorating your home can allow your personality to shine through. Whether used throughout your home or in a single room as flooring, or as elevated as a countertop, the look of stone brings a unique touch to your home.

While stone may be a bit more expensive in material and installation cost, it may last longer than traditional tile and linoleum materials. Proper care and choice of a hones surface, including appropriate sealing of the stone, can create a finish that lasts decades and result in very little wear. Granite is generally recommended for countertops for its ease of maintenance and lack of susceptibility to stains and rings.

Updating your Chicago’s home’s surfaces is a great way to improve and maintain its look now and will help with future sales opportunities, as well. Visit Home Depot here to survey the materials available.

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