Selling Your Stalled Chicago Home

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If you’ve been trying to sell your Chicago home, and had little interest, it’s time to get us involved. A key concept to grasp is that the house may need a few changes to create a home that would be perfect for someone else. Some other reasons why your home may be slow to sell are detailed below.

Timing – Buyer’s Market
Oftentimes a home price must be adjusted. A potential buyer won’t even look at your home if they feel they can’t afford it. However, if you price reasonably, buyers may expect a lot less when they view your home and be happy surprised. We need to research the price of similar homes in your neighborhood that have sold to discover a good starting list price.

Is your home light and airy? Are your windows clean and are the window coverings allowing light to flow in? Would a little paint some additional lighting would make you home more inviting. These small changes can make a big difference.

Too “Unique”
Your home is your space and defines you, but does it define your buyer? Make changes to keep the home as neutral as possible. Decorations and furniture are appropriate as it adds hominess, but watch out for anything that seems overdone.

Stage Your Home
Make sure your home smells good and is clean and tidy. Close your windows to block any outdoor noise, add some freshly-cut flowers and make sure your home temperature is moderate.

These tips and some expert advice from our professional realtors will get your Chicago home sold.

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