Renovating Challenges in Historic Chicago Homes

Historic Chicago homes have a lot to offer, and usually a lot to repair. Before you find yourself overwhelmed with a restoration project, take a step back and read this article. If you are considering a historic home purchase or just trying to decide before you begin making changes in your current home, the following advice should be considered.

The structure of your historic home is the first place to examine. Water damage to the foundation and framing could signal the need for a very labor and financially intense project. Before making repairs, consider the historic value of the home, and then proceed accordingly with materials. If you have the wherewithal, repairs should be made using original materials.

Prior to beginning any improvements, make sure that the historic home will meet the current needs of your family. Historic homes often have smaller rooms and you can choose to adapt or remove walls and recreate the floor plan. Sometimes the issues are harder to solve, and may involve emotional attachments to certain home features. When this is the case, it may be necessary to compromise and consider other options. If you would like a professional opinion on a property you are interested in purchasing or selling, please contact us for assistance.

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