Real estate gender gap: Men list more homes, women list pricier homes

On average, male real estate agents list more homes than women do, while the homes women list have higher asking prices, according to a study by real estate search and marketing site Trulia.

In its research, Trulia first separated the more than 100,000 real estate professionals with profiles on its site by gender, using a “Name Genderizer” tool to categorize whether the names are most likely male or female.

Then, in a one-day snapshot on Oct. 1, the site examined the total number of male agents compared to female agents, and which gender had listed more homes for sale and which listed more expensive homes, on average, since joining Trulia. The site did not control for when agents joined the site, “since there’s no systematic differences between when men and women create a Trulia profile,” Trulia said.

Female agents’ listings tended to be pricier, on average, than those of their male counterparts. The difference was biggest in West Virginia where female agents’ listings were 63 percent more expensive. Put another way, female agents’ average list price was about $100,000, compared with about $60,000 for male agents — a price difference of about $40,000.

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