Playboy Mansion Chicago Condo Up for Sale

Abby McCormick O’Neil received $5.2 million from the selling of her condo that occupies an entire floor in what was once the Playboy mansion located on the Gold Coast. They initially put the condo up for sale in July for the amount of $6.7 million, considerably more from $2.1 million which is what he paid for the 7.874 square foot unit in 1994.   The original condo consisted of 4 bedrooms and an enormous living room. Among the condo’s other assets, there are 5 bath rooms, a master suite with a panel study included, a formal dining room just as big as the living room, a kitchen and another study, all of them with the original paneling of the mansion.

Another millionaire’s dwelling on sale is Eric Fergunson’s, co -host for the WTMX-FM morning, a 11 room, 6,000square foot mansion located in Lincoln Park, offered for sale in February for the amount of $2.995 million. Another one of their properties, a six bedroom mansion, built on custom in 2004, was listed May 3 for $2.45 million.

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