Part 3 – Selling Your Home: Negotiating Offers

Negotiating OffersWhen a viable offer comes in on your property the negotiations begin. Having the solid experience of a Sergio & Banks realtor at your side can make all the difference between a deal and a disaster. Masterful negotiation skills are the prerequisite for getting all parties to sign on the dotted line successfully.

Our agents are responsive, respectful, and resourceful. Each transaction is carefully scrutinized and discussed so that you are represented from a position of strength.
If your home has been on the market a while, and the offer seems low, you might need to reevaluate how changes in the marketplace have affected your current asking price. Your agent can best advise you.   And don’t forget that clinching the deal could be as easy as simply throwing in a freebie. Consider offering appliances you no longer need, patio furniture or even the gas grill. These items may be all it takes to sweeten the incentive for a buyer that’s wavering.

Because selling your home can be a highly charged and emotional experience, it is in your best interest to remain calm. Negotiating with a qualified buyer may at first seem nerve-wracking, but it is also the quickest path toward your new future. Roll with it and see how fast the needed results appear. It’s all part of how your Sergio & Banks agent can help you negotiate a better tomorrow for yourself or your family.

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