Part 2 – Selling Your Home: Pricing The Property

For buyers—it’s Location, Location, Location.

For sellers—it’s definitely all about Price, Price, Price.

Pricing The PropertySelling your property depends upon many factors, but the single most important element is, setting the right price for your neighborhood.

In today’s constantly changing real estate environment, prices shift almost on a daily basis impacting your property value. That’s why having an experienced real estate professional to navigate this turbulent marketplace is vital for success.

By conducting an effective market analysis for your property, your agent establishes a realistic selling price. Agents look closely at homes that have either recently sold in your area or are currently on the market. They then compare their location, size, condition, features and other benefits with yours to arrive at an attractive sales price — one that will generate offers.

Selling is a Team Effort

When it comes to the sales process, your motivation, and not just your agent’s is important. Being proactive throughout the entire sales process is crucial toward finding a qualified buyer. Keeping up your property, inside and out, and also helping to look for qualified buyers is all part of the overall sales strategy.

As you go about your personal and business day, mention to as many individuals as possible that your home is for sale. Find opportunities to pass out the listing sheet or flyers to anyone that might be interested. Networking has proven, many times, to be just as effective a sales tool as the Internet and MLS. So, be sure to take advantage of your daily opportunities.

It takes team effort to sell a home and with the professional leadership of Sergio & Banks, you’ll be on the move again soon.

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