Outdoor Spaces Become Part of the Living Space

Recently, there has been an increase in the importance homebuyers place on the outdoors. The main idea is to make people enjoy a vacation-like atmosphere in the comfort of their courtyard. We all want to have our personal oasis in the backyard, and recently a lot of people have turned to landscapers to convert a dull garden into a soothing recreational area.

Rooftop Terraces

Another trend highly in demand among customers are rooftop decks, especially with houses that have little land surrounding them, a terrace being the only way of providing more outdoor space. According to Jeff Benach, co-principal of Airhart Constructions in Wheaton, many times it’s the existence of a rooftop deck that convinces a buyer to acquire a certain house, which is what made Lexington Square in Chicago so profitable.

The houses were designed specifically for families, which meant that outdoor space was a vital necessity, where owners can plant gardens, entertain or decorate to resemble a relaxing room in the open. Besides rooftop terraces, each house in the Lexington complex comes equipped with a balcony at the back of the house and a front yard.

A Bird’s Eye View

The advantage of an outdoor area is not available just for house owners but also for those who live in condos like those from the Aqua Tower in the Lakeshore East Development, whose landscaped balconies provide the owners with green spaces from which to enjoy the view.

The possibilities are endless. Some hotels, like Trump International Hotel & Tower, have rooms with terraces larger than most back yards allowing a bird’s eye view in all directions while other apartment complexes include even outdoor swimming pools, sports courts, cabanas and many others. Such amenities attract people who enjoy working outside, who like to relax in the sun close to their homes or swim without having to leave their houses.

Seeking a wonderland at home

Some people are way more pretentious when it comes to their homes. Hence, it’s not that every day you see individuals looking to convert their personal spaces into a Disney resort. Still, buyers who wanted to purchase a 4,000 sq. ft home built in Frankfort by Gander Builders had that thriving wish. That design included an opulent pool space, an in-ground trampoline, several fountains, a kids ‘playground area, a gazebo and a beautiful patio that showcased 5,000 sq. ft of travertine marble. Even though the overall result was spectacular, the piece of resistance was a 2-way fireplace that was 30 ft. wide and 25 ft. long. The outside space was finally finished, and to keep people warm throughout the winter season the developer included several electric heaters as well.

Outdoor spaces have been completely transformed over the past few years. They’re not just playgrounds anymore. They’re soothing recreational oases and people are willing to spend a lot of money to design them and turn them into the most rejuvenating space of the whole residence.

How to find your oasis

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