Just Moved to Chicago? Here are Some Tips

u-haulMoving to Chicago can be a huge transition…. Especially once the weather begins to turn colder. No matter the reason for your relocation, moving is just hard to do. The following tips are meant to help you as you settle in to life as a Chicagoan.

  • Be prepared and recognize the dry air. Use lotion and a humidifier (or create a little steam by placing a pan of water over your radiator.

It will snow, so be prepared for it! Warm clothing and long underwear, a good, heavy long coat, waterproof warm boots, gloves, and scarves are must have items. Get an ice scraper, too, for your car’s windshield, before you need it!
If you have a car, have the fluid checked and adjusted for climate change, as needed.
Buy yourself a good pair of walking shoes and sunglasses. Whether through the neighborhood or to and from the train, living in Chicago means an increase in your walking!

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