Local Christmas Markets and Boutiques for Holiday Shopping in Chicago

Chicago is a big city with a lot of hidden gems to discover during the holiday season. These little shops are just the tippy top of the city’s boutiques and markets for holiday shoppers to find something wonderful to give to those on their Christmas list. They offer unique, limited time or even one-of-a-kind item to be the stand out gift for each individual. When holiday shoppers are looking for a stand out gift, these little boutiques are the go-to shops for just the right gifts

Finding local markets  can be a bit of a challenge as…well…they aren’t called hidden gems for nothing. Holiday shoppers  can start in their own back yard to find the best that the city has to offer. The following are just a handful of ways holiday shoppers can find and embrace the little stores in  Chicago.

1. Take A Walk Down An Unfamiliar Street. Little boutiques and local markets are all other the place. Holiday shoppers just have to expand their comfort zone and try walking down a street or two they wouldn’t normally walk.

2. Check out The Internet. If the feet are weary, let the fingers do the walking on the Internet to find cute little boutiques.

3. Frequent one of the following boutiques in Chicago that listed below.

Abbey Brown Soap Artisan


With tons of scented, naturally made soaps on their shelves, the Abbey Brown Soap Artisan is thee place to find natural soaps for baskets for co-workers, stocking stuffers and even the special lady or man.

The Hay Maker

The Haymaker is one of Chicago’s finest stores  with tons of handmade and refurbished items. The store experience is more of an art gallery than of a regular store. It also has lots of other specialty items for sales, such as wooden yo-yos, signs and t-shirts.

The Spice House

For the baker on every holiday shoppers list, there is the Spice House. It offers hundreds of different spices for sale and other complementary items. These spices can  fill themed baskets, stockings or even become a special holiday tradition when baked in goods or spend around the house. The staff is especially knowledgeable about their merchandise.

For the holidays, Chicago boosts not one, but two flea market style holiday themed street fairs. Both of them are great places to start crossing off the holiday wish list.



The Christkindlmarket is a Christmas tradition that started in Germany and migrated to the United States. The fair consists of towns of vendors with different wares to sell. It specializes in holiday themed items and arts and crafts.

The Randolph Street Christmas Market

This market happens in December on Randolph Street. It, too, has lots of crafty items and Christmas decorations.

Christmas is a magical time of year to be in the big city of Chicago. It’s also a great destination for those with Christmas shopping on their mind. In the streets of Chicago, Christmas shoppers can find the perfect gift.

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