Hosting a Costume Party in Your Chicago Home?

A cauldron of drinks in your Chicago homeHalloween is coming up quickly, making it  the perfect time to host best costume party in your Chicago home. Whether simple or elaborate, catering to a young crowd or one that is more mature, costumes definitely mix things up and add a festive touch to any event. With creative costume ideas and deliciously dangerous food, you have everything you need to entertain friends in your Chicago home.

Plenty of amazing costumes are available to buy or rent, however why not encourage your guests to make their own? It’s amazing what people come up with. Suggest a quick Pinterest search if  anyone you invite is stumped for ideas. You can also offer prizes for costumed guests and a create a costume booth for those that arrive in plain clothes.

Once the costumes are taken care of (hosts included), make up the menu of treats for your party. Choose a haunted mansion theme with silver accents and spooky music or go with a more simple approach. Most people are happy with pizza, chips, a few dips, and maybe some pumpkin sweets. Try to theme your menu for even more fun! For instance, with drinks, try using dry ice in a cauldron for a not-to-be-forgotten Halloween thirst quencher, like the one pictured in this post!

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