Your Home – A Sanctuary in Chicago

Soft and gentle. :)
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Heard as news on television or as a story from a good friend, the economy is affecting the lives of Chicagoans. Maybe you’ve even had to make changes, such as eliminating vacation or putting in more time at the office. Maybe your income has been reduced. These are the times when your home rises in priority. It becomes a place of refuge, a zone of peace and sanctuary in the otherwise bustling Chicago skyline.

This is the time to evaluate your home and develop sacred space where relaxation and entertainment are paramount, so you can save money by staying home and enjoying your home. This is the time to consider small home improvements to enhance your home’s value. Sprucing up outdoor areas – porches, patios, backyards and decks results comfort in now, but also increases your home’s appeal to future buyers.

The Propane Education & Research Council statistics show increases in the homeowners creating outdoor rooms. Others are installing swimming pools or spas. Maybe you just need a new swamp cooler. Home investments like these increase quality of life beautify your home.

Here are some other suggestions:
1. Outdoor lighting
2. Outdoor grills for cooking
3. Fire pits or outdoor fireplaces
4. Patio heaters
5. Bug reducers

These changes, whether big or small, will help you to get more enjoyment out of your home. They may even save money, if they help you to reduce your weekend entertainment expenses.

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