Home Inspection – A Critical Step in Chicago Home Buying

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Creative Commons License photo credit: alancleaver_2000

Having your prospective Chicago homes inspected prior to purchase can save you thousands of dollars. So, be sure to add a qualified inspector, licensed by the National Association of Certified Home Inspector, to your research checklist. The inspector will help you to know any problems relating to your new home, prior to purchase.

Inspectors check the exterior of your home, including the landscaping to determine actual and potential problems. Everything from windows and electrical wiring to roofing and foundational issues will be examined.

Moisture, cracking, discoloration, water pressure, and so much more can be signs of large and small repairs, but you want to be aware of any of these before purchasing your home. The plumbing and ventilation systems should be thoroughly evaluated in your inspection, saving you from unknown costly repairs.

After the report, determine if any problems found are deal breakers or fairly easy to repair. Repair estimates can be especially helpful and important in negotiating your final price. The knowledge you gain through your home inspection will make you more comfortable and confident in your new Chicago home purchase, as well.

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