Gold Coast Mansion up for $7.5 Mil

George Giannoulias, a retired owner of the Broadway Bank, put up for sale on Tuesday his recently built mansion, an 8,000 sq. ft house located on the Gold Coast, for $7.5 million. Giannoulias, family related to Alex Giannoulias, a Senate candidate and previously state treasurer, commissioned his house in 2010 and was thought to be responsible for the necessary demolishing of the neighboring red-brick house which was once the home of the renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright who inhabited it for a while in 1914.

Giannoulias’s house features 5 bathrooms, an entire floor occupied by a penthouse and a bar, a theater room, a kitchen designed by the famous De Giulio, hand scraped walnut flooring throughout the rooms as well as millwork and high ceilings.

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