How Does Your Garden Grow, Chicago?

3 roses
Just as your Chicago home says a lot about you, your landscaping tells the story of how well your home is maintained. Does your landscape say the “right” thing?

If not, consider making some changes yourself by visiting here or look into hiring a gardener. The right gardener and a beautifully manicured outdoor area can create peace and pride in your home.

Before starting the interview process, determine what you would like done at each service visit and how often you expect service. Are you looking for simple weekly mowing and tidiness or do you want complete care, including pruning and fertilizing? Discuss who will make changes, if needed, in your garden – you or your gardener. Ask if your gardener has suggestions for improving your landscape?

Recognize that basic maintenance requires a different skill level than cultivating a specialty garden. If your garden has a specific theme, such as Oriental, Formal or Organic, make sure your potential gardener has experience with that look.

As always, prior to having any work done, find out the answers to the following questions. What will my maintenance cost? Are liability insurance and worker’s compensation, if needed, carried by the gardener? Does the gardener have references you can call?

This process may seem time-consuming, but the results are worth it. Although it may take several interviews, finding the right gardener is possible, as well as a great investment in your Chicago home.

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