"Everything is Dead" at the Field Museum June 28 Through July 5

"Everything is Dead" at the Field Museum

The Field Museum’s dinosaurs don’t often get invited to concerts, so this summer the party’s coming to them.  Everything Is Dead at The Field Museum is a series from June 28 through July 5 that will include an exhibition of Grateful Dead memorabilia and special events. Everything Is Dead is a great opportunity for Deadheads to enjoy some music, world-class collections, and air conditioning before heading across the street to the Soldier Field concerts on July 3 – 5.

All The Years Combine — Deadhead Treasures From The Grateful Dead Archive & GDTS Too: The special exhibition, All The Years Combine: Deadhead Treasures From The Grateful Dead Archive & GDTS Too, features objects from every part of the Grateful Dead’s career that document the special bond between the Grateful Dead family and their fans. Visitors will have the opportunity to see band and fan correspondences, newsletters, drawings, posters, tickets, backstage passes, and decorated ticket request envelopes. All The Years Combine: Deadhead Treasures From The Grateful Dead Archive & GDTS Too will be on display in the Museum’s Stanley Field Hall from June 28 – July 5.

Jazz & Colors: Wave That Flag: In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead and the three sold-out shows at Soldier Field, Jazz & Colors: Wave That Flag will feature 10 local jazz ensembles performing songs by the Grateful Dead. From 12:30 – 3 p.m. on July 4, visitors will be able to explore iconic Field Museum specimens such as SUE and the Tsavo lions while enjoying the complimentary live performances.

Special Events

The Museum’s Southeast and Northeast terraces will also be the site of Everything Is Dead 50th Anniversary Celebrations, presented by On The Scene Event Management. The events will be on July 3, 4, and 5.

Everything Is Dead 50th Anniversary Party: Join fellow Dead fans for a fun filled day and evening celebrating 50 years of the Dead across from Soldier Field on the Southeast Terrace of The Field Museum where “Everything Is Dead!” No tickets to the show?  No problem! Come early and stay late for the show and revel at the last shows ever. The SE Terrace is the only campus location where you will be able to stay during the concerts. The SE Terrace is directly across the street from Soldier Field, and this is the only location on museum campus where fans will be able to safely gather and revel during the shows.  SiriusXM live broadcast of all “Fare Thee Well” shows will air from the SE Terrace each night. Listen to the show from the closest spot possible from Soldier Field. “Miracle” chances every day to win tickets to each show, autographed memorabilia and Stanley Mouse artwork. Two Brothers Beer, Coppola wine, food, music and celebration. What could be better?

Putting The Band Back Together…Dead Style!: Looking for the ultimate in a pre-show VIP party? Look no further! The Dead are reuniting, and you and Dead faithful should too. The Northeast Terrace of The Field Museum will be the place to be in comfort and style. Enjoy included craft beer from Two Brothers Brewery, Coppola Wines and food while listening to Dead sets from Uncle John’s Band. On July 4th  David Gans will guest play with Uncle John’s Band for a song or two, as well as a set on his own. Comfortable seating, grass lounging, a shaded tent and bathrooms without waiting in a parking lot are all included for five hours before each show. The Jerry Garcia Foundation and the Fender Music Foundation will also be featured each day, with lithographs from Jerry on display, as well as hand painted Jerry art guitars. All donations to benefit the foundations.


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