Day of the Dead Near Gold Coast Homes

Desserts and Charity Near Gold Coast homesLadies living in Gold Coast homes are invited to a very special event on November 1st.  Go to the International Museum of Surgical Science at 1524 North Lake Shore Drive for Gold Coast’s Day of the Dead.  The event will go from 7 to 11 p.m.  Tickets are $40-$50 and can be purchased by clicking here.  Proceeds from the evening will benefit the Boys and Girls Club.

Get a group of friends living in Gold Coast homes together for fun and spooky evening.  Sip on cocktails and sample delicious appetizers.  Enjoy delicious desserts.  You’ll also be entered to win a prize in the raffle.  There’s over $3,000 in prizes!

Participants in the evening will also have full access to the International Museum of Surgical Science.  Many fascinating displays are on exhibit right now.  You can learn all about the ways that surgery and medicine have developed.  Exhibits include artifacts from both Eastern and Western cultures.  Several artistic displays are also up.  You can tour through a history of the surgical advancements in Japan.  Follow the history of nursing, from the wise women of old to the medical professionals we know today.

Shari Duffy and Ladies Night Chicago is a vibrant organization, dedicated to bringing fun and interesting events to the ladies living in Gold Coast homes.  While ladies are emphasized, men are invited, too.  Learn more by clicking here.

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