Curb Appeal Matters In Chicago

With a lovely pruning from an expert

If you are trying to create a good impression of you and your home, take a few minutes to evaluate how visitors and potential home buyers view your Chicago home. Make a list of small and large improvements you can make to further beautify your Chicago home.

  • Maintain a Clean Look – An inexpensive yet important thing in creating a good impression. Putting away or discarding unused items and cleaning and repairing remaining items will show the property is well maintained.
  • Trim Shrubs and Enhance Greenery – Bright flowers and evenly trimmed and spaced shrubs make a home inviting. A well pruned tree or rose bush is attractive, as well.
  • Wash the Exterior – Rent or borrow a pressure washer to give a sparkling look to your tired house paint..
  • Paint – If cleaning isn’t enough, a fresh coat of paint will create a brighter look. Maybe consider only painting the trim, if you want to lower the cost.
  • Mow and Fertilize Your Lawn – Weekly maintenance on your lawn will improve the look dramatically.
  • Have Fun – Add a water fountain or fence or artistic element to your front yard. Make sure the path to your door is safe and tidy.
  • Look Closely. Does anything need to be replaced? Is your mailbox and door welcoming to guests?

Make any changes and then look again. Were you successful in raising your Chicago curb appeal?

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