Chicago-style Moving Advice

Creative Commons License photo credit: RLHyde

Buying and selling your Chicago home can be challenging. One of the biggest challenges comes from the upheaval caused by relocation. Keys to a coordinated, inexpensive and organized Moving Day are actually quite simple and some great ideas can be found below.

Tips for finding boxes:

Go online to and look at their moving boxes and package deals. At about $35 this is a great way to get boxes shipped to your Chicago location at a minimal expense. Also, check around your office. Paper boxes and other supply boxes are great for moving. Often they include lids which help to contain your items and ensure ease on moving day, since they can’t be overfilled.

Tips for packing boxes:

Place similar items and label by destination room or color code boxes so that unpacking is easier and less stressful. Make sure all boxes are labeled in the same location so they can be seen easily. Moving Day goes much faster when all “books- office” boxes are placed near the bookshelves in the office.

Tips for securing valuables:

Use bubble wrap, padded envelopes, and other materials to lessen the chance of breakage. Felt actually works great to cushion and prevent sliding dishes. Make sure your boxes are marked FRAGILE, if needed. Hand carry and personally move anything you are overly concerned about. Insurance replacement cost does not mean much when viewing a broken heirloom.

Most importantly, remember to breathe and enjoy the fact that you will soon be in your new Chicago home. Call us if you would like us to help you in this transition.

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