Chicago’s We Love Yoga Festival on October 26


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The We Love Yoga Festival is a daylong celebration of yoga where participants will have the opportunity to experience a variety of yoga practices and at different levels in group classes and workshops. A Yoga Bazaar and live music will be taking place during the day as well.

Begin the day with the opening vinyasa ceremony, a fast paced class to get you moving and excited for a full day of yoga. After, you can choose between two workshops. First is “Who are we Being? Exploring Authenticity & Karma Yoga” with Candice Wu. How do our beliefs about ourselves (samskaras) show up in all aspects of our lives including how we interact, what we eat, our daily actions and reactions? Who are we being and how does this express itself in our bodies through tension and dis-ease? Connect the dots to why you act the way you do and what manifests in your physical body with the holistic knowledge of Karma Yoga, the ancient study of action. By applying a simple method to bring light to the intentions that are the seeds of your actions and dis-ease in the body, we bring healing and expansion to all possibility (aum). Create a daily practice of meaningful intentions (samkalpas) and use this as a daily life meditation. Alternately, you can choose to watch an Acro Yoga performance. Acro Yoga is an exciting blend of yoga, dance and acrobatics. Have a seat and watch truly talented Acro Yogis do their thing, and then join in with a a class on how to safely achieve basic Acro Yoga poses.

Other classes during the day include Kripalu Yoga with Carla Duros. Yoga can bring strength, flexibility and balance to your body, calm the mind, and enhance your immune system. This class will be a blend of disciplines; breathing into postures, focusing on alignment, and pausing to receive the benefits and sense of empowerment that yoga can bring to you. “The Road to Bliss: Dharma Yoga” with Kali Om is another option. The foundation of this classical vinyasa practice is NYC-based yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra’s challenging-yet-meditative Shiva Namaskar sequence, which purifies the body, calms the mind, opens the hips and shoulders, and unleashes one’s full energetic potential. Variations are given so that all levels feel challenged/comfortable. Pranayama (breathwork), meditation and spiritual instruction are also woven into the practice.

Classes continue throughout the day, and the festival concludes with a Yin Restorative Yoga and Closing Ceremony class with Dee Dee Knoche. Join us for a calming and restorative yoga practice. We will gently stretch the body in all directions and practice poses to strengthen the body. This class will help you center yourself. Yin yoga is mostly sitting or lying postures for promoting growth, clearing energetic blockages, and enhancing circulation.

The We Love Yoga Festival will take place on October 26, on the Lincoln Park campus of DePaul University, at 2235 North Sheffield Avenue. The festival runs from the 8 a.m. check in until the closing ceremony at 6 p.m. Tickets are $69, plus an online processing fee.

Participants should bring their own mats and water bottles, and wear comfortable clothing.

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