Chicago Real Estate – A Prime Place For Negotiation


We will walk you through the steps of negotiating the sale of your new Chicago home step by step. As you submit your initial offer, it’s important to allow space for compromise. Some important things we consider when writing your offer are the sales prices of nearby homes as well as homes that have recently sold on your prospective home street. We also may want to list possible upgrade requests or property improvements. Understanding why the seller is moving helps in your negotiations, as well.

Your offer lists your asking price, including the amount of your down payment and the type and amount of loan you will be financing, along with cancelation clauses. It also requests any divisions of closing costs and repair/inspection requests. An estimated timeframe is proposed for close of escrow, move-in date, and potential loss of deposit if dates are prolonged is generally included as well.

Oftentimes, a counter offer can be made, if your first offer if it is not accepted. We can guide you through this process and help you move into your new Chicago home as soon as possible.

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