Chicago Pubs and Microbrewery Tours

Ordinary is boring! When it comes to beers the “hidden truth” behind this statement becomes more apparent. Beer drinkers are adventurous individuals who want to explore their taste in beers. Thanks to craft beers, Chicago is the place to be in, with its many emerging and already established microbreweries it is fast becoming the nations center for craft beer.

Chicago offers the best in terms of artisanal beer, allowing individuals to visit several local pubs for a taste of these glorious brews. A trip too this wonderful city reveals behind the scene secrets right from the local brewers. Some of these popular bars and microbreweries include:

Piece Brewery and Pizzeria

This house of pizza and locally brewed beer is a popular spot that is frequented by enthusiastic individuals all year round. Here customers can enjoy special delicacies for lunch with a specially brewed beer to wash it down. Piece Brewery and Pizzeria has been brewing craft beer since 2001, diversifying and improving the quality over the years.  So for customers who fancy quality craft beer with a crusty pizza then this is definitely the place they ought to visit.

Haymarket Pub and Brewery

This brainchild of brewing legend Pete Crowley is the place to be.  Housed in a classy hundred year old building the Haymarket Pub and Brewery is a classy outfit that delivers quality brews fusing traditional and classical Belgian beers for the best experience ever. Situated at the end of the popular “Restaurant Row” Pete has turned this establishment to a proud puller, making sure to strike the balance between subtle taste and class.

The Haymarket Pub and Brewery showcases its fermentation room and brew house on a corridor that joins the dining and bar area.

Revolution Brewery

Revolutionary Brewery gives its customers an unforgettable experience. Here they are able to taste the wonderful ales while watching a beer making demonstration. Revolutionary brewery has an open policy on sharing its famous beer making tricks that have been passed from generation to generation. Simply put every customer who visits this establishment comes out wanting to buy their own beer maker. Such is the experience of this brewery located in Logan Square.

Wild Goose Bar and Grill

Worthy winner of the Chicago wing fest and title holder for beer of the month Wild Goose is a must visit. This bar and grill situated in Lincoln has established a name due to its excellent quality beer.  Wild Goose Bar and Grill gives its customers the freedom and flexibility to learn the beer making process from its expert brewers through personal demonstration.  What’s even better is that you can wash down the chicken wings with the quality craft beer.

Chicago offers the best in terms of pubs and microbreweries. What this means is that besides it wonderful sites, Chicago gives you a place where you can enjoy a cold beer at your own pleasure, making it one of the best places to visit.









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