Chicago Home Sales in Fall Part 2

Next take a critical look at your Chicago home’s interior.

Does the house appear clean? Fresh paint and cleaned carpets can make a huge impression. Honestly evaluate your home and remove any eyesores.

  • Clear Out. Reducing the amount of furniture in your home will make rooms appear larger. Clearing out closets and leaving less clothing will create spacious feeling closets. Knick-knacks and general clutter also detract from a homes appearance, making it hard for a potential buyer to visualize themselves in the home. Also wrap and hide any cords from appliances and electronics, so they are not in plain sight. Place paper in a filing system rather than on a desk.

Call us. At Sergio and Banks, we are dedicated to helping you sell your Chicago home and can guide you through the process with our experienced team. We can help you set a competitive, appropriate price and market your property to its best advantage.

Moving? Learn the value of your home …