Chicago Home Sales in Fall Part 1

Spring and summer sales often create a vacuum of home sales in Chicago in the fall. If you are interested in selling your home now, you will be able to take advantage of reduced competition since many homeowners prefer to wait until after the holidays to sell.
Prior to listing your Chicago home, hire an inspector to review drainage, walls, ventilation and chimneys, electrical and plumbing throughout the house. This will allow you to know any repairs that should be made before the sale. Check the roof and rain gutters, as well.
Next examine your home’s outward appearance.

  • How does it look from the street? Is the paint attractive or peeling in spots? Does the lawn need to be moved and leaves swept up?
  • Is the entrance welcoming? Buyers often spend a couple of minutes staring at the front door while an agent locates a key and opens the home. What condition is your front door and hardware in?

Moving? Learn the value of your home …