Your Chicago Home – Things to Consider Part 2

The Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Wolf Lake Spur
Creative Commons License photo credit: vxla

While evaluating your Chicago home, there are some other general considerations you should make when considering resale value. These items present more of the “big picture” but may be important nonetheless. Remember the most important thing to consider, despite these tips, is how well the home meets your needs and wants.

Location – Is it too close to railroad tracks or a busy intersection? Are schools within walking distance?

Too large or small of a home – Your home should fit you, but it should also fit the neighborhood. Any home that doesn’t “fit in” could be harder to sell in later years.

Does the general layout make sense? – Make sure the kitchen and dining area are near one another and large enough to be the center of the home. Consider how convenient unloading groceries would be.

Overdone landscaping – A regular, nicely maintained level yard with bushes and grass will not detract from your property, but too many extras or a overwhelming pool could send buyers looking for a different property. Keep in mind that some homeowners worry about safety issues relating to swimming pools, and it could detract from your Chicago home’s popularity when reselling.

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