Chicago Home Buyers Want Cleaner Closets

If your Chicago home is for sale, take note. Everyone wants a bigger closet. Whether for clothing or storage, an uncluttered closet can mean a big difference when you are selling your home. If you are in the market to sell your Chicago home, don’t overlook your closet space.

In an effort to clear surfaces inside the home, many homeowners begin to hide, stash and stuff objects into closets. When potential buyers preview your home, they are often surprised by the unorganized, messy interior of the closets, in an otherwise clean, de-cluttered home. Suddenly the area seems too small and they may begin to question if the area contains enough space for their stuff.

On the other hand, a well organized closet with shelving or baskets and an open, airy feel, can make the potential buyer feel as though there is more room than actually exists. Extras such as safes, mini-refrigerators, and rotating closets also create a feeling of space and luxury for potential buyers and may help in producing an offer.

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