Chicago Gears Up For Fall

Fall weather brings a crispness to Chicago air and plenty of inexpensive home decorating ideas found in the outdoors, too. From pumpkins in all sizes to colorful autumn leaves, colors of the season can contribute a feeling of warmth to your home. Vibrantly striped squash or muted gourds with seasonal flowers or a variety of apples can add a festive feel to your home quickly, as well. Add some candles and enjoy the season!

Don’t forget to set the scene for some Halloween trick or treat visitors outside, though. Simple and safe decorations can be themed for the best look. Click here for some great ideas. Spend some time online searching for inspiration on how best to carve your pumpkin into an award winning jack-o-lantern, too. It’s amazing what you can find in the way of templates, although a traditional carving will still bring a smile to your visitors.

As the weather cools, remember to have your heater cleaned and/or serviced to avoid problems later. Also, now is the time to fix any drafty areas in your home to avoid high heating costs in the coming months. Have fun with the change of season that living in Chicago brings!

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