Checking the Electrical Safety in Your Chicago Home

Save money bulbWith the holiday season, lighting becomes more visible in your Chicago home.  From the strings of light that trim the rooftops, to the warm glow of a fireplace.  Lighting affects our moods, our ability to complete tasks, and even our safety, at times.  Often we replace bulbs or light fixtures in our Chicago homes, but when is the last time you thought about your home’s actual electrical wiring? 

If you have an older, historic Chicago home, this may be a major concern; however it really should be a concern for anyone with a home more than thirty years old. With all the electrical needs our generation has created, it’s easy to overload your Chicago home’s circuitry.  It may be time to replace your circuit breaker box and update to new technology.   

Usually the kitchen and home office are the areas of greatest concern.  So make those your first priority. Check that you are appliances in designated circuits and unplug them when you will be away from Chicago home for extended periods.  Call in a licensed electrician to get some insight into your particular situation.

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