5 Vacation Safety Tips for Chicago Homes

Summer has arrived, bringing it with vacation plans that could leave Chicago homes less than secure. A few preventative measures can increase the probable safety of you and your home while you are away. Being prepared and aware of potential risks can make for a better vacation and homecoming.

5 Things To Do When Vacationing Away Chicago Homes

avoiding invasion of Chicago homes

  • You cannot control what people see once you leave. Posting to social media, including Facebook and Pinterest, while on vacation could place your Chicago home at risk. Sharing vacation photos are an obvious way of showing that you are away and may create an easier target for thieves.
  • Lock it up. From windows and doggie doors to gates and garage doors, the security of Chicago homes requires diligence on your part. Make sure your home is secure when you leave,
  • Ask for help. A good friend or neighbor can notify you if there is a problem while you are away. You may even choose to employ a house sitter for greater peace of mind.
  • Install alarms or timed lighting systems.  Both can deter possible intruders.
  • Truly vacation while away and plan a day to get organized when you get back. Placing your mail and delivery services on hold while you are away is critical, too. 4-5 newspapers or forgotten milk bottles on your porch signal to everyone that something is amiss. However if you plan an extra day for recovery from your travel, a time to go through mail and grocery shop, may find that you have time for the first tip mentioned… time to upload your awesome vacation photos to social media!

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