5 Tips On Chicago Home Maintenance

Chicago home yearly maintenanceSummer is here and it may be time to evaluate your Chicago home from a preventative maintenance standpoint. Use this checklist to ensure that the integrity of your Chicago real estate.

5 Chicago Home Maintenance Tips


  1. Have you evaluated your HVAC system lately?  Yearly check-ups should keep air flowing nicely through your home, at the temperature you prefer. Whether done yourself or by an HVAC professional , make sure that at the very least, the air filter is replaced (should be done monthly).
  2. Check your home’s siding, particularly if it is wood and repair any that has been exposed to moisture. Painting should be done, too, while the weather is warm.
  3. Examine the slant and grade of the ground around your home to note any changes that may have occurred in the last year. The grade should cause water to flow away from the foundation, so you can avoid flooding and puddles during future storms.
  4. Pruning plants and analyzing the health of large trees is a wise idea, too.
  5. Lastly summer is the perfect time to inspect your roof, attic, basement, and chimney, to ensure all are securely attached to avoid future damage.

Reviewing these areas of your Chicago home and making any needed repairs will have you feeling secure long past the end of summer and allow you to take advantage of any available sunshine! Enjoy the warmer weather!

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