3 Most Useful Things Siri Can Do For You

You’ve probably heard of Siri, the interactive voice assistant on Apple’s iPhone 4S. She works well with several of the native iPhone apps and does numerous things to make life easier. And you probably know that she’ll remember how you define your relationships so that you don’t always have to say people’s names – you can request Siri to email your husband or send a text to your mother.

But what can Siri really do to help you? What are some of her specific abilities that can help you with buying a new home or moving to a new area? Let’s find out.

Where to Go and How to Get There

Perhaps you’re moving to a new city or state – maybe even to a new neighborhood in the same city. Either way, you might not be familiar with directions to get to the place you’re checking out or moving into. Don’t worry, Siri is an expert with maps. Tell her where to go and she’ll pull up the easiest or fastest route. Give her an address, and she’ll retrieve more than one route for you to take. This is quite handy for those who aren’t good with maps or those who are unable to safely use their iPhone maps while driving. Siri will help keep you safe and help you locate where you’re going.

Local Business and Services near Your New Place

Siri can locate local businesses and services around your new house or apartment. This is quite convenient when moving into a new city or even a new neighborhood. For example, if you want to know where the nearest supermarket, gas station, or gym is, just ask and Siri will pull up a list of nearby places. If you want to have a pizza or other meal delivered, but you’re not sure where the nearest restaurant is, Siri will utilize Yelp to find it all for you. This feature is useful for travelers, too, because they may not have free use of their hands to navigate through the web.

How’s the Weather?

Perhaps you live in a sprawling area where the weather on the coast is not always the same as is the weather ten miles inland. Or maybe you’re trying to decide between two or more places to move to. With Siri, it’s a snap to look up or compare the weather in these different places. She’ll give you a 5-day forecast of upcoming weather, and you can decide which place is more to your liking. You can even give her more specific commands, such as whether you’ll need an umbrella in Atlanta or a snow parka in Denver. In addition to the weather information, Siri will also answer a more complicated question, such as the time of a sunset in a particular place.

As you can see, regardless of whether you ask a general question or one more specific, Siri is at your beck and call and up to the task. So, the next time you’re contemplating a move, don’t forget to utilize Siri, your faithful iPhone 4S interactive voice assistant.

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