3 Ideas for Chicago Summer Fun

Chicago is one of the most engaging, adventurous and at the same time thrilling cities in the US. Home to comedy performances, jazz music and luxurious theaters, the metropolis will certainly help travelers have a lot fun during the summer season.

Chocolate tours

How much do you love chocolate? The famous Chicago Chocolate Tours are probably the sweetest activities one can embark on. The tour can accommodate around 183 guests, and every group of 15 individuals will have a personal guide who will teach them a lot about chocolate. Tourists and locals alike will be delighted by the experience that will last around 2 hours.

Local bakeries like Swirlz and More will present visitors delectable specialties. Apart from visiting great factories where chocolate is produced, the tour also includes exciting activities like the cupcake challenge, where small groups are split in teams and they’re sent to find cupcake related answers to various questions inquired by the guide. When it comes to fees, rates start at $50 for one individual and for groups the rate is negotiable.

The Chicago Brew Bus

Beer fans will love this Chicago tour. The Brew Bus takes groups to Chicago’s local breweries on Wicker Park’s Moonshine, West Loop’s Haymarket, and Goose Island. Every destination includes a 50 minute tour where people will get free beer samples and snacks. The bus can accommodate 14 individuals and it has its personal bar. Additionally, tours include the storytelling of related attractions such as the Emmit’s Pub, a place that appeared in the movie Uncle Buck for instance. The standard price per ticket is $49.95.

Chicago Park District

Corporate groups can engage in one-day volunteer tours. The experience is all about outdoor activities and doing community work to keep the parks clean. However, it’s also a great way to interact with people, make friends and socialize. Activities include mulching trees and planting flowers. The whole tour lasts for about 3 hours and anyone can attend by filling out an application on the park’s official website.

Chicago Detours

Music enthusiasts will adore “Chicago Sound: Jazz, Blues, and Beyond”. The tour starts in June and it last until September. For 2.5 hours guests will have the chance to explore some of the city’s finest landmarks. The adventure will start at the Jazz Record Mart and it will include Chess Records Studio as well. The tour bus can fit up to 34 people, and during the journey there will be videos for guests with some insight into Chicago’s musical history. Prices are varied and they’re generally based on guest count. The average rate is $60 per person.

Bottle and Bottega Studio

Recently opened in March, Bottle and Bottega is a fabulous studio that organizes creative activities. Thrilling painting parties are a great opportunity to have fun in Chicago and learn something new about its history, customs, and traditions. These types of team-building endeavors are intended to develop people’s creative spirit. The activity will take about 3 hours, and at the end all canvases are mixed together to make one single design. It’s pretty fun and it gives everyone the chance to get out of their comfort zone and express their thoughts through art. Based on specific activities, prices can be varied. Generally speaking, rates begin at $35 per person.

How much do you like exciting activities? Are you willing to try something new, exhilarating and extremely creative? Then you’ll love the Chicago summer activities. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, the above mentioned endeavors are meant to bring people together, make them socialize, and help them find out more about the artistic side of Chicago.


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