West Bucktown

West Bucktown is a very recently christened neighborhood, describing the area west of Bucktown proper, at Western Avenue, north of North Avenue. It’s authenticity is fueled by the West Bucktown Neighborhood Association, who defines the neighborhood boundaries as west of Western to California (3200W) and north of North Avenue to Armitage (2000N) – the area was formerly defined as part of Logan Square.

The neighborhood association is making a concerted effort to create a sense of unity in the small borough, holding regular meetings with the police and local alderman, and getting people together for fun activities throughout the year – holiday events, barbeques, neighborhood clean-ups and restaurant crawls. Residents are encouraged to get in the game through committees that address neighborhood safety, community relations, zoning and new businesses.

West Bucktown’s housing is not unlike Bucktown’s, with many single-family homes, 2- and 3-flats, small townhome developments and mid-size condo and apartment buildings. New construction in the area has been booming, even during the economic downturn – a sign of a healthy community committed to growth and improvement.

West Bucktown has two parks, Maplewood on the south has a softball field and small field house, and Lucy Flower Park, which consists of a well-manicured green space. Both have children’s play lots, indicative of a family-oriented community.

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1706 N Rockwell
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1706 N Rockwell