River West

River West is the neighborhood just west of and across the Chicago River from River North. Much of the neighborhood was once considered part of River North, but came into its own over the last couple of decades as a more open and quiet alternative to River North’s hustle and bustle.

The neighborhood is bounded on the west by the Kennedy Expressway and runs from Grand Avenue north to Division Street. Are you looking for a loft condo? You need to visit River West. River West real estate is a mix of large loft buildings converted to residential use, mid-rise condo buildings, townhome developments and some single family homes. River West’s housing is still considered prime real estate. People seem to love the vibrancy and grittiness of the architectural mix and the local scene.

Reminders of the former warehouse district line the river, in a mix of old and new. Older buildings are regularly being transformed into housing, clubs, galleries and restaurants.

Just north of the Fulton River District, River West picks up the hip culture and nightlife that is common to the area, and at the same time holds its own with a wide selection of trendy eateries and fashionable nightclubs. Views of the city from River West are some of the best in the city.