Chicago Theatre Week

Date : January 28, 2014

First launched in 2013, Chicago Theatre Week is a celebration of Chicago’s world-class theatre scene. This coming February, visitors and residents will again have the opportunity to choose from 100 productions and sample the extraordinary range of theatrical offerings in Chicago. All of the participating theatres are part of the League of Chicago Theatres, a not-for-profit theatre service organization. Show titles include “Luna Gale,” Ramona Quimby,” “Number the Stars,” “Phantom of the Opera,” Blue Man Group, Comedy Sportz, and more. Browse the complete list of participating shows on In addition to the specially-priced tickets, some theatres are also offering special incentives for Theatre Week patrons, including post-show discussions and more. Tickets go quickly, so get yours now! Be aware that even if a theatre has sold out of the specially-priced tickets, full-price tickets may still be available. Chicago Theatre Week will run from February 11 – 16, and ticket prices are $15 – $30 (or less in some cases). Join the celebration of one of our city’s greatest features, ind out why critics are saying Chicago is “the current theatre capital of America!”

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