Speaks Yugoslavian

Enela Palavra

P: 773-235-6100

M: 847-791-6116


Enela is a licensed real estate agent who grew up in the construction industry and knows the ins and outs of new construction business. As a professional singer, certified tennis coach, and business owner, she understands discipline and dedication. She knows it’s these cornerstones which makes her the type of agent that will work tirelessly to ensure her clients get the most out of each listing.

One of her greatest strengths is her ability to successfully market herself and her client’s properties. Coming from the entertainment industry, Enela is equipped with a large network, and knows how to draw attention. Enela prides herself on always staying current with the latest real estate trends and cutting edge technology. Whether it is face-to-face or digital marketing, her passion for people and understanding how to get maximum exposure for a listing is something her clients find invaluable.

Enela speaks fluent Yugoslavian and is proud of her ability to cater to a diverse clientele. Her network extends far beyond the Chicago area and she is able to use her contacts to produce interest in properties nationwide.

"Having never sold a home, I was a novice to real estate. I thought it would be easy, just approach a developer, and wait for a good offer. Lol, not even close to the truth!! Thank God, I found Ed Grochowiak!! Having lived in Bucktown his whole life, like myself, he was familiar with the situation. He became a good friend, TRUSTED adviser and talented real estate professional !!! He was able to in

crease the developer's offers by over 100k, WITHIN A MONTHS TIME !! He was there whenever I needed him. I cannot praise this man enough!! HE MADE THE TRANSACTION EASY!!!! THANKS ED!!"

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